Melody Wallace's Music Studio
Vocal and Piano Studio Policies and Procedures
Wallace Voice Studio, LLC Studio Policy
Updated July 2019 – important changes

Melody Wallace
Voice/singing and piano teacher
Collaborative pianist (accompanist)
5266 Riverwalk Drive
Kings Mills, OH 45034
Cell (513) 237 – 3978
Best way to contact Melody is text or email

Lesson Options and Tuition:
  • Lessons can be scheduled for 30 minutes or 60 minutes in length.
  • If a student wants to meet more frequently, two lessons a week can be scheduled as well.
If two lessons a week are requested there will be two 30 minutes or two 60 minute lessons, preferably with a day or two in between lessons to allow practice time for the student.
Tuition and payment information (school year)
  • Tuition cost for a half hour lesson is $30. 
  • Tuition cost for an hour lesson is $55.  
Lessons are paid in monthly payments due by the first lesson of each month.   All payments for lessons must be made in advance or at the time of the first lesson of each month, not after.
  • Tuition for 4 - ½ hour lessons a month = $120
  • Tuition for 4 – one hour lessons a month = $220
Some months have five lessons so we will adjust accordingly.   Some months have 3 because of holidays and schedule.  I also have a full-time church job which sometimes causes evening conflicts.    I will offer make up options for those instances or prorate for that month. 
For instance, September usually has only 3 teaching Mondays because of Labor Day, so if you have a Monday lesson time, you would pay for three lessons rather than four, so tuition for that month for a Monday lesson time would be $90. 
Students are allowed with approval to prorate (miss one lesson for a month and not pay tuition) 3 times between September and May.  A minimum of taking 3 lessons per month is expected during the school year.  Most months there are 4 lessons.    The 3 prorate possibilities can be used for such things as tech weeks for upcoming shows, vacation, or testing week.  It is better to reschedule or think ahead and have two lessons in a week. 

-        There is a $15 late fee if your tuition payment is not received by the 8th of the month.  Cash is acceptable.  You can also remit payment by Venmo@Melody-Wallace-3 or Zelle.  Tuition may be paid at one of your lessons or sent by mail.  Please make checks payable to:  Melody Wallace, 5266 Riverwalk Drive Kings Mills, OH 45034.

-        Bounced checks will be assessed $25 plus cost from the bank.

-        Balance that is not paid in full within 15 days is subject to loss of reserved lesson time and/or dismissal from studio.   I may refuse to teach lessons not paid in advance.

-        Your tuition also pays recital fees and some special classes that are offered.  Sometimes a masterclass/rehearsal is offered for a specific audition/contest/age group and additional cost may by charged.  Recitals are offered two or more times a year.

-        Your lesson time is a standing appointment reserved a minimum of one month in advance and renewed automatically for each month.  Please be on time and come prepared each week.  If you come to a lesson late, your lesson will still end at the scheduled time.
  • Consistency is very important to the study of music.  I understand that there are schedule conflicts from time to time, and that some rescheduling of lessons is to be expected.   However, it is also important to understand that regular attendance is crucial to a student’s engagement in the learning process and development as a musician and an artist. 

    -        If you have a conflict with your regularly scheduled lesson time, you must contact me in text or email 8 days or more before the conflict to be offered a makeup time.  Your voice lesson represents a primary commitment on both your part and my part.  Please treat it as such.   I also have conflicts and will be looking at schedule at least 8 days into the future.  If a director schedules an extra rehearsal late, tell them you have a conflict and will be missing part of the rehearsal.   Schedule work around your lessons.  Thanks for taking my time and vocation/profession seriously. 
     If you have a conflict and everyone else in the studio has told me of their conflicts, we should be able to switch times.    I may come up with a trading schedule this year.  
  • During the summer, realize that I am much more flexible and we schedule lessons around camps, vacations, etc. and try to meet regularly.    During the school year, I am not as flexible.   We aim for weekly lessons.

Emergency Cancellations/Makeup lessons
-        If you cannot make your scheduled lesson time due to an emergency, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance by emailing and/or texting and I will try to reschedule your lesson.  Emergencies happen and I try to be understanding.  However, know that these emergencies are still billed and rescheduling/makeup lesson will only be at my convenience and approval.

-        If you are really sick (like contagious), please cancel your lesson by text or email before 9 in the morning.  If you come to your lesson sick, you may be sent home, and are still responsible for the cost.  A makeup lesson time is usually offered if there are any make up lesson times available.  

-        No makeup lessons for nonattendance or no communication.

-        If I have missed a lesson with a student, I will reschedule it.   If for some reason, we cannot make up a lesson, payment for that lesson will be credited toward the next month’s lesson.   This is only with my permission.   Please don’t assume.    Let’s try to reschedule. 

-       Please make sure that you are registered through music teacher’s helper.   It is easy.   Go to   If you have already registered in past years, please check that everything is current and correct!  Thank you!

-        I would like to email everyone the upcoming months schedule and invoice by the 25h of the preceding month.   This is why registration is so important.

Discontinuance of lessons:
-        I reserve the right to discontinue lessons if cancellations of any type occur frequently, or if the student is consistently unprepared for lessons, or tuition isn’t paid.  Behavior and attitude problems are included.

-        Should you, the student, wish to end your study with me please notify Wallace Voice Studio, LLC before the 20th of the month prior to the month you intend to cease your study.  Notification of intent to discontinue study after the first of the month does not excuse payment for that month and tuition will not be refunded.  In this case, you may continue study until paid tuition is exhausted.

Waiting Room and Parking Etiquette:   Students and parents are welcome to use the waiting room area.  There is a rest room available.

Park on the cul de sac called Southport or on Riverwalk Drive on the house side or in my driveway.     Please don’t park on the corner between the driveway and the cul-de-sac called Southport.   It isn’t really big enough and people cut the corner coming out of Southport.     Do not use any driveways to turn around in except mine.  Do not turn around in the middle of the street.  Please respect my neighbors.  They are generous and accommodating and awesome people.  Your efforts are truly appreciated.  
Communication:  I always want students and parents to communicate with me and tell me concerns and be open.   We are a team bringing skills and love for the arts to all students.    My phone number is 513 237 3978. Email is  I love to text and email.   I can’t always find time to answer phone calls (especially while teaching).  I’ll do my best to answer any communication.   My goal this year is to respond quicker.   I never mind when someone texts or calls or emails twice to remind me.   Thank you!
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