Endorsements  for Melody Wallace

or “what do people say about Melody”



My life as a young vocalist was forever changed when I met Melody Wallace, coming out of my freshman year of high school. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do musical theater or vocal performance at that point in my life and she showed me that I was capable of doing whatever I wanted to if I put my mind to it. She teaches multiple styles of singing and knows how to teach different ways to use the voice  in a healthy way. Her vibrant, warm and loving attitude towards her students is unmatched by any other professional I have ever met. She has a true dedication to helping her students and has their best interest in mind always. Melody was quite possibly one of the most significant role models in my life throughout my later high school years and was a huge mentor as I entered the scary college audition process.

When I was a sophomore in high school I remember working on "freeing up my voice" with her and she showed me just how big my voice was. Melody can show any individual the potential they possess. With this being said, I did have to live through a period of crazy vibrato for a little while before I was able to master how to control it and when to control it and for what styles I should use it.

Melody is an excellent voice teacher if you are looking for long term improvement. I would say one of her main strengths as a teacher is teaching a vocalist how to produce sounds with vocal health in mind at all times. She is about the process of learning how to sing, not the product.

I can honestly say I would not be the of the caliber vocalist I am today, if it weren't for Melody Wallace. Throughout my time with her, I learned not only how to produce sound healthily, but improved my self-confidence as a singer with both reading music and vocal technique.

Many young singers lose their voices often due to overuse or straining on the vocal cords due to unhealthy singing.
Because of Melody, I can honestly say I never completely lost my voice when I was ill and was even equipped with enough vocal training, that by my senior year in high school I was able to perform a full musical with terrible strep throat with little to no vocal problems.

Melody teaches technique, but she also teaches how to sustain a professional life as a vocalist through her efforts to drill intensely good vocal health techniques into her student’s brains. She takes the time to learn each students voice as a specific instrument and beyond that learns about who each student is as a person. She is a loving, bright personality that can warm any room. Any student of any age should be honored to take lessons with such a seasoned professional.

--Alyssa Batsakis, former student, Taylor High School Class of 2014, The University of the Arts BFA Musical Theater Class of 2018

Melody Wallace is an extraordinary human, and a selfless, caring teacher.  As a voice teacher and pianist, I believe her skills are incomparable.  She takes the time to learn each student as a person AND as a singer. She doesn't just teach the same old warm-ups or repeat the same songs for every voice part that enters her studio.  Melody makes her lessons and coachings personal.  She focuses on each individual’s needs, not just a generic lesson plan!!  

Melody, wisely, does not stop there though.  She truly understands that singing is acting and acting is singing.  She is constantly trying to bridge that gap in the performances of her students.   Melody has educated herself over the years on many kinds of acting techniques.  She expresses the importance of objectives and tactics while singing.  She uses the acting techniques of atmosphere and focus created by Stella Alder and uses the movement techniques created by Rudolf Laban to help the students engage their physical self more when they are performing.  She asks the character development questions created by Stanislavski in order to ground the students in their singing choices.  

Not only is Melody capable of getting the singer to act, but she can also get the actor to sing!! Her ability to expand the "voice for the actor" as a speaker and as a singer is quite exceptional. She is brilliant at integrating singing techniques into safe and versatile acting techniques.  She supports the actor who fears singing and "tricks" them into confidence by approaching them with a cool combination of acting techniques and proper vocal production techniques.  Next thing you know, that actor is singing...willingly!

Melody has a gift for shaping the whole person...vocally, physically, emotionally, and socially. I am a huge believer that growth as a human being and as an actor is synonymous.  Melody Wallace is the beacon of this belief.  It is hard to beat all of the skills that she can bring to the table.

As a friend, co-worker, employer, and student of Melody's, I proudly stand by her and by my word that she is number one!!

-Gina Cerimele-Mechley, Artistic Director of Cincinnati Actor's Studio and Academy (CASA) and private acting, stage combat, and college audition artist. 

Becoming a part of Melody Wallace was essential to me on my road to becoming an artist. I came to her needing to get into a college to study music and I had no idea how to go about the application and audition process. She not only talked me through the process, but encouraged me to work harder AND smarter as a performer and musician. She has become a very close friend and a wonderful teacher I highly respect. She introduced me to an acting and dance teacher and because I was a part of her studio, I am now studying Vocal Performance and Theatre at Miami's College of Creative Arts.

-Annie Gerth, class of 2019 Miami Univeristy, Vocal Performance and Theatre

Melody Wallace is both an incredible teacher and person!  She shows a high level of compassion for every single one of her students, and she creates an environment that allows for each student to achieve the success they are looking for.   She allows each student to pick and choose their own repertoire with guidance and suggestions while still teaching each student how to maintain a proper, healthy singing technique.   More importantly, she acts as a friend and mentor to each and every one of her students.   She strives to make each lesson an unparalleled personal experience, and finds ways to personalize each lesson so every student achieves what success is to them.   She cares for each student like a friend and will do everything she can to be there for them when she is needed.  Through this effort, she makes it so all the student has to do is listen to her advice and learn their music.  Her personal attention eliminates fear and judgment from the learning environment, allowing each student to grow as much as they're willing to.  By choosing to enter her studio, you become a part of a lineage of stingers who have won numerous awards from respected competitions (The Schmidt Youth Vocal Scholarship Awards and Cincinnati Overture Awards just to name a few) and who have attended/are attending/been admitted to some of the top collegiate music/musical theater programs in the nation.  Speaking from personal experience, without Melody's help I wouldn't even be near the level of success I've achieved with music. By giving me confidence in myself, and the proper vocal skills, she has helped make it possible for me to have portrayed some of the msuical theater's most vocally challenging roles, as well as get accepted into one of the best musical theater schools in the country.  She has been integral to my success, and by choosing to join her studio, she will be integral to yours!

-Nick Wasserbauer, Wright State University Music Theater Class of 2018    

I am constantly impressed by Melody's passion for teaching.  She cares about her students, both as people and singers.  Her approach to teaching is truly educational and student-centered.  She works hard at making sure that her students not only sing better in lessons, but also have the tools they need to apply proper techniques in their "real world" singing.  She is also very good at tailoring her teaching to fit the needs of individual students.  As a choir director I refer my students to Melody and trust that they will learn healthy technique and become better singers.  As a singer I am very excited about the progress I am making in my own lessons!


-Sara Potts – Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy Senior High Choral Director, Cincinnati, OH


Melody is a blessing. She teaches the whole student, not just his voice. To do this, Melody’s methods are individually adjusted per the needs of each student. Not only does this ensure higher achievement, but it also makes certain that each student has a chance to understand how her entire instrument (physical, intellectual, emotional) works. In this way, the student is a better able to excel on her own. As a lifelong professional (I have been a professional actor and singer since the mid-1980’s and an acting teacher since the early 1990’s), I know that this approach enriches and enables one to sing for a lifetime, not just for an upcoming event or audition. My daughter has been studying with Melody for a short while now. Not only is she singing better, but also her love of singing has deepened. This is an irreplaceable blessing for any teacher to bestow upon a student. When my college students ask for a voice teacher, Melody Wallace is the instructor I suggest.

​-Bekka Eaton Reardon, Assistant Professor & Director of Theatre Engagement
Miami University Hamilton Theatre

I am proud to say that I have never grown more as a singer than during the time that I studied with Melody. She has the two qualities that I believe make the perfect teacher: unyielding passion towards her craft, combined with constant compassion and support towards her students. She works hard to find every student’s individual potential and then helps that student bring out their best qualities as much as possible. In this sense, she is a “tough” teacher” in that she demands only the best of what she knows her students are capable of. Her training and feedback is very specific; she is very good at targeting one area of the vocal body at a time to help the student make it shine. Because of this, I have eliminated much of my vocal tension and now have a much more relaxed, free sound.  After studying with Melody for only a few months I felt prepared to enter college as a competitive singer and performer. She has given me so much confidence to be the best that I can be, and even though I no longer study with her, I continue to feel the benefits of her training with every note I sing.

-Matt Ruehlman, Northwestern Unveristy, Theatre Major


"Melody Wallace, a very fine performer herself, trains her students with care and attention to detail in all aspects of the singer's art.  They sing beautifully with able musicianship and warm, opulent tone."


-Lincoln Chapman – voice teacher at Musical Arts Center, Director of YAPP (Young Artist
Performance Practice), voice teacher at SCPA (School for the Creative and Performing Arts), Cincinnati, OH


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of support for Melody
Wallace. I have had the privilege of hearing her students for a number of
years and I have been extremely impressed with their level of development
and preparedness. They consistently place in local and regional
competitions and many matriculate into fine colleges and universities as
scholarship students. Melody Wallace is a fine pianist and voice pedagogue
with expertise in a wide range of repertoire and languages. I recommend
her without reservation for the serious-minded student who is interested
in music study at the university level.

-Benjamin Smolder, Associate Professor of Music, Miami University, Oxford, OH


If you are in search for a vocal coach/voice teacher who doubles as a gifted and musically-sensitive accompanist, you need not look further. Melody Wallace has shown herself to be both that and more. Having had the privilege of working with her, I have observed firsthand her creative and inspiring approach in coaching vocal students, both young and ‘seasoned’. Possessing an in-depth knowledge of vocal repertoire and intense familiarity of all styles, Melody will be the key contributor to your musical success.


-Alex Thio - Collaborative Pianist and Piano Instructor, Cincinnati, OH and staff accompanist/professor at Northern Kentucky University



I am very pleased to give this endorsement of Melody’s teaching.  The students I have sent to her consistently demonstrate great improvement.  She is able to identify the source of their vocal problems and quickly correct them.  Not only is she an excellent pedagogue, but she is a fine singer in her own right and a strong accompanist.  In addition she is a caring and compassionate person who invests herself fully in her work. 


-Tony Nims –Walnut Hills  High School Choir Director



Walking into Melody Wallace's studio was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Melody is not only a wonderful music teacher, but I would consider her one of my close friends as well. She has expanded my voice so far, and she pushed me until I couldn't be pushed any more. All of her students walk out of her studio with a positive attitude towards themselves and other performers. I've never had any one in my life that said they believed in me and actually meant it. My voice has gone from a tiny church mouse quality to a big opera/diva sound, and I owe it all to Melody. She's one of my favorite people in the whole world and she's changed my life significantly. I recommend her to anyone and everyone.

-Rebecca Herbst - Graduate Vocal Performance Major at Miami University-Oxford 2015

As an accompanist, Melody is always well-prepared, easy to work with, and the first person I think of when I need an accompanist. As a voice teacher, I can think of few who invest her level of care and commitment to her students' vocal health and preparedness. Her students speak very highly of her and I have no reservations sending any students her direction. Melody has been, and continues to be, an important and integral part of the success of Ursuline Academy's Performing Arts program.

-Chris Larsen- Ursuline Academy Choir Director



Excerpts from an introduction letter:

”As you will read in Melody’s attachments, she is not only an accomplished vocal technician (which means that she is highly qualified to teach the muscular process of singing) but also an incredibly accomplished coach/accompanist.  This means that she can play just about anything you put in front of her and play this music at public performance/competitive levels.”


“Melody is at the most important point in her career as a teacher, young enough to provide great energy and wise enough to educate for the “long term”.”


-Paul McCready – voice teacher at Cincinnati Music Academy



Melody Wallace is a great teacher because she gets to know peoples’ learning styles and connects with them personally. She has worked collaboratively with me on my goals at a perfect pace. Her intuition doesn’t stop with people, but is infused within her musical ability. She is not just any accompanist, but assists the singer with her playing; the emotional value of the song is always emphasized and embraced by Melody. The energy she puts into her singing, piano playing, constructive criticism and encouragement has made me want to give that same energy and enthusiasm back in my work. This sort of exchange between student and teacher is what anyone would ask for in a learning environment.

-Renee Rabenold –Point Park University Acting Class of 2013




A gifted singer and accompanist, Melody is a master of vocal technique no matter what style of music you choose to study. Her holistic approach helps you to uncover life issues and their impact on your ability to perform. Melody is naturally kind and compassionate -- her good nature always puts you, as the student, at ease. The past few years of vocal study with Melody have not only improved my singing but have also improved my life.

-Lisa Gerkin, adult student and music teacher


My daughter has been taking voice lessons from Melody for just over two years now and what a remarkable improvement I’ve seen in my daughter’s vocal quality. Melody teaches students to sing in a healthy way that preserves their voice and trains with the highest caliber of proper vocal techniques and performance strategies. Melody also takes the time to help her students understand the overall anatomical make-up of their voice and explains how this directly impacts the quality of their sound. My daughter has learned so much from Melody about sound, vocal range and how to ensure adequate breathing is executed at all times. My daughter’s confidence continues to increase as she trains under Melody.

Passionate, patience, enthusiastic, and energetic are just a few of Melody’s characteristics as a vocal teacher. She is committed to ensuring her students excel in and out of her studio. I feel so blessed to have my daughter working with Melody!!

-Mona Miliner, mother of Aliyah Motley (sophomore at Sycamore High School)

I have taken private voice lessons from Melody for about five years now. When I first met her, I was a young girl who knew nothing about singing and was honestly doing it all wrong. Melody helped me understand that the way I was singing limited my range and was actually quite unhealthy. She allowed me to learn my way and was always willing to change her method to get the information across. I am now completely confident in my voice as well as my training and am able to realize when even the slightest thing is wrong and identify what needs to be changed. I firmly believe that without Melody I would never have acquired these essential skills.

Melody is also an incredible person. She is willing to do all she can to help her students and is not afraid to speak her mind. She creates a fun, relaxed, and open environment in her lessons that allows students to be comfortable. When my college auditions rolled around I definitely looked forward to Fridays at 3:30 because simply being in my lesson with her made me feel like I actually had some control over the outcome of my college process. She helped me choose not only my songs, but my monologues and attire as well. She was always willing to run songs again and never denied my request of performing my whole audition for her even if she'd already seen it 20 times.

Over the past five years Melody Wallace has proven to be the perfect teacher, my most respected critic, and an extremely cherished friend. She has given me the tools and the confidence to shoot for my dreams without hesitation and I know I would not be where I am today without her help and guidance.

-Caroline Gruber  -Wright State University Musical Theatre Class of 2014



“though her warm-ups are challenging at the time, technical improvement is seen quickly”

-Margot Plum -  Music Theater Major at Syracuse class of 2015



Melody brings to the table a joy and love for the art form that is so necessary in a young artist's vocal development. When Melody is behind the piano, you know that she is going to give you everything she has and more to make sure you succeed and live up to your maximum potential. I'd call on her any day to play for me or give me a tip or two!


-Zachary Jordan Steele – Wright State University Musical Theatre Class of 2014



Melody works equally well with both of our daughters who study at different levels.  Her technical prowess is complemented by her warm personality.  Be teaching the best way to pinpoint and correct their own problems, she enables her students to consistently perform well outside of lessons.  Her flexibility and willingness to give of herself is without parallel.  Melody is a blessing to our family!

-Jackie Fisher (parent of a 10th grader and college music major at Ohio Wesleyan)


I’ve been studying with Melody Wallace for about 18 months. In that time, I can honestly say that she has changed my world. She has helped me discover a whole new side of my voice and musicianship that I’d never before seen with another voice teacher.

One of the great things about Melody is that, unlike some other teachers in the area, she teaches you what’s going on in your body when you sing. From my time with her, I can hear and feel what’s wrong with my sound, and to some extent, I can fix it myself instead of having to ask her about every little thing.

Melody has a contagious vivacity about her, an inspiring passion for music and for life that makes me want to work harder and be better every single week. She cares not just about the voice, but also about the person behind the voice. Not only has she taught me many lessons about singing, but also many important life lessons, in the time we’ve shared together and the many discussions we’ve had. She is my teacher, but I am also happy to call her my friend. With her thorough knowledge and experience with the voice, she can, if you’re willing to work hard outside of lessons, help you conquer any style of singing.


-Stephanie Rampton – (Music Education Major at Cincinnati College- Conservatory of Music)




“While I am biased, you are one of the best (if not the best) multi-styled

sight readers in our region. This kind of event demands a pianist who can play sensitively

and accurately with very little rehearsal time.

Melody is that pianist.”

-Endorsement on recital programs from the McCready Voice studio written by Paul McCready




Melody Wallace is one of the finest vocal instructors you will have the privilege to study with.  As a music educator and choral director with a degree in voice and thirty years of experience, I currently teach at Sacred Heart School where Melody serves as Music Director for the church. I have personally worked with Melody for over fifteen  years and have seen the results of her vocal coaching in her students first hand.   Melody takes great care to properly train her students to sing safely with proper vocal technique in a variety of styles and genres.  An accomplished vocalist, pianist and musician herself, Melody provides excellent training to all her students in a positive and supportive manner.  I highly recommend her as an instructor!


-Michelle Lewis- music teacher at Sacred Heart of Jesus school, Fairfield, OH; music director for many community theater productions; singer; performer


“You do have so much to offer and indeed, you do teach technique as well as care for the person and spirit of each person.  I know I have benefited greatly from working with you.” 
Email from Karen DeFosse – adult student, Cincinnati, OH



"Melody is an excellent teacher who holds all the professional skills and experience to train students at a high level. She loves teaching and truly wants each and every person to succeed. She is great at supporting her students both in and out of the classroom with encouraging advice or even an extra lesson before a big audition. She always made me feel at ease and inspired me to push myself when I reached a tough spot in my music. I truly enjoyed my time with her and my vocal skills greatly improved under her instruction." 


-Katie Horvath – student currently attending Ohio State University pursuing a medical degree



It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Melody Wallace as a superb accompanist and vocal coach.  I have had the privilege of observing Melody’s work with my son, Gabe, for over three years, as she has prepared and accompanied him for recitals, Ohio Music Educators Association adjudicated events, solo performances with Cincinnati’s May Festival Youth Chorus, school musical roles, the Cincinnati Arts Association’s Overture Award vocal music semi-finals, and Interlochen’s Vocal Soloist Studies program this summer.  She has been absolutely instrumental in his development as a singer and in his development of self-confidence.

As a collaborative pianist, Melody is an outstanding musician.  Her knowledge of vocal music repertoire is complete in both depth and breadth, including art song, opera, sacred music, musical theater and other standards.  Her ease at the piano allows her to focus on coaching the singer effectively.  Melody is able to quickly identify issues of breath, placement, pitch, rhythm, tempo, interpretation and presentation, communicate them clearly to the singer, and then collaborate with the singer to address these issues in a warm, collegial way.  Melody has a great strength in her ability connect with and give confidence to the singers she teaches, especially young singers.  As the parent of a high school singer, I appreciate her accessibility and flexibility. 

I have had the opportunity to see the results of Melody Wallace’s accomplished musicianship and heart-centered dedication to her students in the life of my child.  I recommend her work with enthusiasm.

-Christine Montefiore (mother of Gabe Montefiore who will be studying at Oberlin in the fall of 2013)



I started taking voice lessons from Melody in the middle of high school, and it was probably the best thing that ever happened to my voice. I was beginning to seriously think that I might pursue musical theatre in college. So, continuing voice training was very important to my growth. Immediately Melody started breaking everything down clearly and specifically so that we could build my voice up piece by piece. She doesn't let you be lazy, or get away with anything, so that your best sound comes out. It is a very thorough training, and uses all parts of your body and mind. She asks you questions about what needs to be fixed so you can recognize it on your own, which is very important. She does not allow you to sing unhealthily, which is a problem with many voice teachers these days. She understands voices. With her help, I got accepted into the Musical Theatre BFA program at Ball State University, and my voice teacher here was extremely pleased with the place my voice was at technically when I started. All thanks to Melody. I have continued taking lessons when I am home on breaks and during the summer, and so when I'm here, I can practically teach myself voice lessons. I keep getting compliments on how much I have improved, and I know it is because of everything Melody has done for me. I understand my voice, and how to get the most out of it without hurting it. Melody was worth every penny and mile on my car. Not only is she a terrific teacher, she is so easy to get along with and fun and I have developed a wonderful friendship with her. I would recommend her to absolutely everyone. You won't find anyone better.

-Sarah White - Music Theater graduate of  Ball State 2012, living in New York currently




Melody is such a sweet person, I can tell her anything and she'll be there for me. I've only been with her for a year and my voice has dramatically improved! She makes learning and progressing fun, and it's because of her passion and drive to help me be the best that I feel the need to go beyond my limits. She is a great teacher!

-Nicole Wielgos, senior at Lakota West High school wanting to major in Music Theater


Melody, I would like to thank you for all the work you did for my daughter in developing her voice.   The development was fantastic and I would recommend you to anyone interested in a voice coach.  You are the greatest!  Thank you very very much!!!  


-Dave Ashcraft, parent of teenage daughter who composes pop/country songs



I learned my strengths and my weaknesses and how to turn my weaknesses into strengths. I learned more about my voice and how to sing in a way that will only make me stronger. From the first day I studied with Melody to where I am now I feel like my voice is stronger and definitely better.


-Shelby Ashcraft,  high school student who composes pop/country songs